Exemption Categories

2017 Exemption Categories

Players may be exempt based on any one or more of the following categories:
(Note: Exempt players must complete an online entry form prior to the entry deadline.)

A. Exemptions based on previous Rice Planters Amateur Tournaments

A-1 Any past champions (Amateurs in Good Standing)
A-2 Top 20 players plus ties from 2016 (Amateurs in Good Standing – See list below)
Philip Knowles – (278)
Will Miles – (281)
Will Grimmer – (281)
Eddie Wajda – (281)
Chad Cox– (281)
William Rainey – (282)
Lloyd Jefferson Go – (282)
James Anstiss – (283)
Art Griffin – (284)
Joey Lane – (284)
Tripp French – (284)
Mark Lawrence – (285)
Rylee Reinerston – (286)
James Yoon – (286)
Trace Crowe – (286)
Keenan Huskey – (286)
James Leadbetter – (286)
Seth Gandy – (288)
Gregory Royston – (288)
Jordan Hahn – (289)
Evan Gfeller – (289)
Dillon Board – (289)
Thomas Lamorte – (289)
Joo-Young Lee – (289)

B. Exemptions based on amateur rankings and events

B-1 Top 200 World Ranked Players in SPWAR database (as of April 15th)
B-2 Walker Cup and Palmer Cup Team Members (last two teams)
B-3 Top 10 AJGA Rolex Rankings (as of April 15th)
Previous year’s amateur events
B-4 Champion and runner up: US Amateur; British Amateur; US Mid-Amateur; US Four Ball
B-5 Amateurs participants in the USGA Men’s Open
B-6 Top 10 and ties from the Oglethorpe Invitational
B-3 Top 10 and ties from the Southeastern Amateur
B-4 Top 10 and Ties from the AFLAC Cup Final Points Standings
B-5 Cardinal Amateur
B-6 Dixie Amateur
B-7 Dogwood Invitational Champion
B-6 Monroe Invitational
B-7 Pacific Northwest Amateur
B-8 Palmetto Amateur Champion
B-9 Players Amateur Champion
B-10 Porter Cup Champion
B-11 North & South Amateur Champion
B-12 NEC Masters of the Amateur
B-13 Sahalee Invitational
B-14 Southwestern Amateur
B-15 Southern Amateur
B-16 Western Amateur
B-17 Sunnehanna Amateur Champion
Current year’s amateur events
B-18 Azalea Amateur Champion
B-19 Jones Cup Champion
B-20 Terra Cotta Champion

C. Exemptions based on State Golf Association events

Previous year’s champions
C-1 South Carolina Amateur Champion
C-2 South Carolina Mid – Amateur Champion
C-3 South Carolina Junior Champion
C-4 Carolinas Amateur Champion

D. Exemptions based on other Snee Farm Country Club events

D-1 Snee Farm Men’s Club Champion