Exemption Categories

2018 Exemption Categories

Players may be exempt based on any one or more of the following categories:
(Note: Exempt players must complete an online entry form prior to the entry deadline.)

A. Exemptions based on previous Rice Planters Amateur Tournaments

A-1 Any past champions (Amateurs in Good Standing)
A-2 Top 20 players plus ties from 2017 (Amateurs in Good Standing – See list below)
Myles Creighton
Michael Sass
Brock Oshsenreiter
Jack Comstock
Jamie Wilson
Wes Artac
Gaston Bertinotti
Kaito Onishi
Johnson Holliday
Keller Harper
R.J. Keur
Andrew Weathers
Daniel Gale
Walter Egloff
Brody Blackmon
Christian Salzer
Jake Goodman
Ryan Marter
Evan Gfeller
James Anstiss
Juan Guerra
Nick Heinen
Quade Cummings
Tripp French

B. Exemptions based on amateur rankings and events

B-1 Top 200 World Ranked Players in SPWAR database (as of April 15th)
B-2 Walker Cup and Palmer Cup Team Members (last two teams)
B-3 Top 10 AJGA Rolex Rankings (as of April 15th)
Previous year’s amateur events
B-4 Champion and runner up: US Amateur; British Amateur; US Mid-Amateur; US Four Ball
B-5 Amateurs participants in the USGA Men’s Open
B-6 Top 10 and ties from the Oglethorpe Invitational
B-3 Top 10 and ties from the Southeastern Amateur
B-4 Top 10 and Ties from the AFLAC Cup Final Points Standings
B-5 Cardinal Amateur Chamption
B-6 Dixie Amateur Chamption
B-7 Dogwood Invitational Champion
B-6 Monroe Invitational Chamption
B-7 Pacific Northwest Amateur Chamption
B-8 Palmetto Amateur Champion
B-9 Players Amateur Champion
B-10 Porter Cup Champion
B-11 North & South Amateur Champion
B-12 NEC Masters of the Amateur Chamption
B-13 Sahalee Invitational Chamption
B-14 Southwestern Amateur Chamption
B-15 Southern Amateur Chamption
B-16 Western Amateur Chamption
B-17 Sunnehanna Amateur Champion
Current year’s amateur events
B-18 Azalea Amateur Champion
B-19 Jones Cup Champion
B-20 Terra Cotta Champion

C. Exemptions based on State Golf Association events

Previous year’s champions
C-1 South Carolina Amateur Champion
C-2 South Carolina Mid – Amateur Champion
C-3 South Carolina Junior Champion
C-4 Carolinas Amateur Champion

D. Exemptions based on other Snee Farm Country Club events

D-1 Snee Farm Men’s Club Champion