Exemption Categories

2023 Exemption Categories

Players may be exempt based on any one or more of the following categories:
Exempt players must complete an online entry form prior to the entry deadline.

A. Exemptions based on previous Rice Planters Amateur Tournaments

A-1Any past champions (Amateurs in Good Standing)
A-2Top 20 players plus ties from prior year (Amateurs in Good Standing – See list below)
 Aidan Kramer – 205*
Andy Mao – 205
Luke Wells – 208
Joey Ranieri – 209
Brent Hamm – 209
Garrett Leek – 209
Drayton Stewart – 211
Sebastian Moss – 211
Logan Perkins – 212
George Langham – 212
Frank Vucic – 212
BJ Rogillio – 212
Jaron Leasure – 213
Rafe Reynolds – 213
Wilson Andress – 213
Andrew Farraye – 213
Jack Crosby – 213
Nick Mayfield – 213
Randall Hudson – 214
Will Thomson – 214
Brock Healy – 214
*Won in Sudden Death Playoff

B. Exemptions based on amateur rankings and events

B-1Top 200 World Ranked Players in WAGR database (as of April 1st this year)
B-2Walker Cup and Palmer Cup Team Members (last two teams)
B-3Top 10 AJGA Rolex Rankings (as of April 1st this year)
 Previous year’s amateur events (2022)
B-4Top Four: US Amateur; British Amateur; US Mid-Amateur; US Four Ball
B-5Amateur participants in the USGA Men’s Open
B-6Top 10 and ties from the Southeastern Amateur
B-7Dixie Amateur Champion
B-8Dogwood Invitational Champion
B-9Monroe Invitational Champion
B-10Pacific Coast Amateur Champion
B-11Palmetto Amateur Champion
B-12Porter Cup Champion
B-13North & South Amateur Champion
B-14Southwestern Amateur Champion
B-15Southern Amateur Champion
B-16Western Amateur Champion
B-17Sunnehanna Amateur Champion
B-18PNGA Amateur Champion
B-19Trans-Miss Amateur Champion
 Current year’s amateur events (2023)
B-20Azalea Amateur Champion
B-21Jones Cup Champion
B-22Terra Cotta Champion
B-23Sage Valley Junior Invitational Champion

C. Exemptions based on State Golf Association events

 Previous year’s champions (2022)
C-1South Carolina Amateur Champion
C-2South Carolina Mid – Amateur Champion
C-3South Carolina Junior Champion
C-4Carolinas Amateur Champion

D. Exemptions based on other Snee Farm Country Club events

D-1Snee Farm Men’s Club Champion (2023)